Буковель Лижний Курорт, Україна


Bukovel Ski Resort, Ukraine

Overview of Bukovel Ski Resort, Ukraine

Bukovel — is the largest ski resort in Ukraine situated in the IvanoFrankivsk Oblast of western Ukraine. The resort is located almost on the ridge-lines of the Carpathian Mountains at elevation of 900 m (3,000 ft) above the sea level near the village of Polianytsia . It is one of the most popular ski resorts in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains and is situated 30 km (19 mi) southwest of the city of Yaremche. In 2012 the Bukovel was named the fastest-growing world ski resort.


Climate in Bukovel Ski Resort region

The unique geography, close proximity to the mountains and the location 585 m above sea level determine the unique climatic features of the location. Polyanytsya village, where Bukovel Ski Resort is located, is influenced with several air currents at once. It is dominated by continental and sea air masses of temperate latitudes, but sometimes the Hutsul pearl can be covered with arctic air masses. This results in mild and very snowy winters, minimizing the likelihood of severe weather conditions. The climate in Yaremche itself can be described as very humid and mild with a lot of sunny days a year. Most of the rain falls in spring and summer.

Due to the fact that the location occupies the territory with the varied relief (river valleys, slopes, hollows), each of the sites has a unique local climate. In closed basins, one can observe such a phenomenon as temperature inversion. Heavy cold air masses are trapped here. It is noteworthy that the cool summer itself, with an elevation of every 100 m, comes 8-10 days later, and ends 4-6 days earlier. Snow cover on the tops of the mountains can remain until mid-June.

The warmest month in the region is July, when the average temperature rises to +19 - +20 ° C in the foothills and +8 - +10 ° C in the highlands, the coldest month is January, when the thermometer drops to -4 / - 6 ° C and -8 / -9 ° C accordingly.

Slopes in Bukovel Ski Resort, Ukraine

Bukovel comprises facilities situated at five mountains: Dovha (1372 m), Bukovel (1127 m), Bulchinekha (1455 m), Babiy Pohar (1180 m), and Chorna Kleva (1241 m) thus giving it 53 km of ski runs of various difficulty levels. All runs provide space for up to 15,000 skiers to ski simultaneously. The runs are on slopes with grass basis, equipped with snow cannons and protected from direct sun light.

Three of the slopes are lighted to provide skiing in the evening (upto 19:00). During the season the resort has 16 ski lifts that have capacity of serving upto 34700 people per hour. There are 63 ski slopes in total, from 300 to 2350 meters long and drop from 40 to 285 meters with the following types of classification : blue (for beginners), red (for advanced skiers), black (for professionals). The resort also has a professional giant slalom run and mogul run #1.1.

There is a specially designed Mogul Slope on the train 1A from top to right part of the slope.

Ski Outfit Rent in Bukovel Ski Resort, Ukraine

Rent of ski outfit of world various famous brands, including «Fischer» and «Rossignol» are available at 14 rent stations throughout the central area of the resort. There are many more small private rent shops available in the nearby area, nearby villages and the closest town of Yaremche.

Location of ski Outfit Rent stations in the center of Bukovel resort:

  • Rent station №1R – car parking №1, 1-st floor, near 4-chair ski lift №1.
  • Rent station №2 – near “Shelter” hotel.
  • Rent stations №3.1,№3.2, №3.3, №3.4 – car parking №2, on 5 floor of the parking.
  • Rent station №4 – close to medical center, cottage area №2.
  • Rent station №5 – near “Filvarok” tavern, cottage area №2.
  • Rent station №6 – near the lower station of 4-chair ski lift №14.
  • Rent stations №7, №8 – near 4-chair ski lift №7.
  • Rent station №11 - near the lower station of 4-chair ski lift №15.
  • Rent station №10 - near the lower station of ski lift №5.
  • Rent station in hotel Radisson Blu Resort.

Rent stations are equipped with luggage lockers.

Rent stations №2, №1R, №4, №3.2 also have ski-service centers.

Bukovel Ski School

Ski school at Bukovel accept children from the age of 3 to ski and from the age of 7 to snowboarding teaching classes. All instructors have attended qualified courses where they received theoretical and practical knowledge for effective work with children. For children younger than 6 we recommend choosing 1-hour classes (for beginners). Groups are formed for children aged from 5 years and older, the difference in the age of students should not be more than 2 years. When choosing a lesson for more than 2 hours, you must be sure that your child can endure this physical activity.


  • Closed areas for first classes
  • Instructors who have completed specialised courses on children education
  • You do not need to buy a ski lift pass
  • Students of school will use VIP-corridors
  • Professional training for your children

The lessons starts daily at 10:00 am and 12:00 noon and lasts for 4 hours, with a break for lunch. Groups are formed depending upon the age and level of skiing, the assessment of the level of skiing is carried out before the start of the lessons.

Pre-booking of lessons with an instructor is possible with full prepayment, pay attention that it’s possible no later than two days before the lesson. Otherwise, you can make a booking at one of the schools at Bukovel on spot.

For more information, please get in touch with us at skiing@arkturdmc.com.ua

Health and SPA Facilities in Bukovel Ski Resort

The resort offers a wide range of recreation facilities onsite , including several SPA centers with indoors and outdoors swimming pools with heated water, that can be such a great advantage in the cold winter weather, massage and recreation halls with fitness facilities, wooden sauna complex with a possiblity to jump into cold pond with spring water right after sauna - a tradition that is well followed throughout the region in particular and Ukraine in general.

Entertainment Center "Buka" at Bukovel Ski Resort, Ukraine

Looking for bright impressions and feelings? The entertainment center “Buka” will make your holiday in Bukovel unforgettable.

Brilliant star parties in EC “Buka” on weekends and holidays became traditional. Professional DJs, stirring PJs, various fantastic event parties create a blast-party mood, making you rest interesting and fun.

Open new vocal abilities and feel a real star in the EC «Buka» karaoke bar! The Evolution Pro karaoke system with a catalog of more than 40000 songs shall ensure that the true fans of singing get the perfect mood and positive emotions.

Get a portion of gaming adrenaline, feel the real excitement and the sweet taste of victory, cheer for your friends and score a double strike triggering triumphant shouts of your buddies, and enjoy an exciting game in EC «Buka» bowling. EC «Buka» invites you challenge your friends to a thrilling billiard duel. Regardless of who wins, we guarantee everyone will be pleased!

For the youngest guests, there are different game machines (16 units) and 3 aerohockey units. Kids shall not be bored here and will find a lot of interesting games and entertainments: the fascinating aerohockey, the dynamic racing, basketball and football, the exciting safari, the venturous “Batman”, the jolly dancefloor etc.

EC “Buka” is waiting for you from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. (in summer) and from 12 p.m. till 6 a.m. (in winter).

VODA Day and Night club

In winter VODA Club works as a SPA center. There are upto 500 guests visiting the center daily during the high season. The location is filled with the atmosphere of relax and tranquility therefore it is the best place to spend your time and lighten up the tension from your mussels after an exciting but tiresome day of skiing.

In summer VODA club welcomes to chill at country’s uttermost mountain lake beaches: 900 meters above the sea level, crystal clear air, infused with evergreen pin tree needle scent: everything is right for a perfect retreat!

Our annual season-launching event is a pompous opening of the concert season, as everyone willing to celebrate rallies to Bukovel for a huge party.During daytime, we offer various amusements for adults and children alike, while evenings being usually reserved for live acts by our specially invited performers.

In summer Tan in the sun and relax in the Club!

Over 1000 comfortable sunbeds, VIP-bungalows, lounge chairs and sofas, capable of accommodating even larger companies of friends. It’s up to you to choose from a cascade of different terraces:

  • Outer:
  • Major Terrace (along the big pool and the Lake of Youth shore);
  • Johnnie Walker’s Sunken Terrace (amidst the lake);
  • Waterpark Terrace (amidst the lake);
  • VIP-zone (sofa-furnished bungalows);
  • Jack Honey Terrace (2nd floor, tented);
  • Finlandia Terrace (3rd floor open deck with alfresco Jacuzzis);
  • Kids Paradise terrace, for our youngest guests and their parents.
  • Inner
  • 1st floor panoramic terrace. Despite being usually crowded, it maintains a feeling of tranquility and coziness;
  • 2nd floor relax zone. Furnished with sofas, it allows visitors to enjoy a more quiet environment and have a break from the hassle.

Chill in the pools and have fun

  • All-season heated pool: 1,5 meters depth, water temperature 28°C;
  • Heated pool on a sunken terrace: 1,5 meters depth, water temperature 26°C;
  • Coldwater chilling pool: 1,2 meters depth, water temperature 10-12°C;
  • Kids Paradise, a detached terrace, designed especially for children: shallow heated pool 40-80cm in depth, water temperature 28°C. It has water slides, waterpark amusements and children’s playground;
  • Pontoon-mounted shallow lakewater pool;
  • 10 alfresco Jacuzzis, water temperature 32-36°C;
  • Inflatable water park zone in the middle of the lake.

Refresh and energize yourself with premium meals and drinks

  • 8 bars, scattered across the complex;
  • Satisfying hookahs and cocktails;
  • "Osteria Italiana", a Mediterranean cuisine restaurant offering Italian breakfasts, wood-fired pizzas, traditional pasta and sauces, classic antipasti snacks, other culinary delights representing different regions of Italy;
  • Restaurant terrace with stunning mountain views.

VODA club’s nightlife, Bukovel Ski Resort, Ukraine

All summer long, on Fridays and Saturdays, we have live acts by domestic and foreign showbiz celebrities on VODA club’s unique sunken stage. Evening shows are followed by hot dance events with starry DJ appearances. Nightly, VODA is capable of comfortly accommodating up to 1500 party-goers.

Since the moment of opening, the club has welcomed a constellation of renowned artists: Jamala, Ivan Dorn, ONUKA, Dan Balan, MONATIK, Quest Pistols Club Show, Tina Karol, Olya Poliakova, Alekseev, DZIDZIO, Max Barskih, Alyosha, NuAngels, Oleh Vynnyk, Gribi, The Hardkiss and S.K.A.I. VODA club’s DJ booth has already seen performances by DJ’s Light, Lutique, Mal Yar, not to mention Kiss FM’s deejay residents – Maniak and Tommy Lee.

Thanks to its unique location amidst the picturesque mountains, higher level of service, sufficient technical equipment and experienced personnel, VODA club is a suitable place to book for a wedding ceremony, corporate or private events, regardless of the season!

Wood-Fired BathHouse at Bukovel Ski Resort, Ukraine

When water and fire get together in lust – a healing, odorous steam is born. True miracles, however, begin as soon as steam meets a bunch of oaken or birchen twigs!

Since the ancient times, up to our days, the unique bathing secrets are being preserved, the ritual to purify, treat and rejuvenate both body and soul. The "CARTEL" family revives the authentic bathing traditions, so that anyone may experience the luxury treatments, only available back in the day to Ruthenian princes and nobles!

Wood-Fired Bathhouse's professional staff will take on a journey through time and tradition, which will grant you immense health and energy growth. May your body have wings, let your heart and soul sing!

Wood-Fired Bathhouse is located in a quiet place in the very heart of the resort. The heater is already steaming and the birchen twigs are rustling. You dear guests are heartily invited!

The establishment is open for visitors 24 hours 7 days a week.

Hot Tubs in Bukovel Ski Resort, Ukraine

Bukovel Hot Tubs is a special place in the very heart of the resort. Treat your body and soul with rejuvenating energies, brought to you by nature of the Carpathians itself!

Bukovel hot tubs are large pools full of wood-fire heated water, capable of accommodating up to eight people, with a safe soaking temperature of 36-45 degrees Celsius. Originated from Bukovel springs, our mineral water posesses powerful soothing and healing effects. For more efficient therapeutic performance, small pouches filled with medicinal herbs are added to the tubs. After a pleasant and relaxing warming, forge your body strong by tempering it through controlled exposure to the cold. The coldwater tubs are just a few steps away!

Due to sparing health-improving properties of springwater, we highly recommend hot tubs to both children and adults. The procedure effects the functional state of the cardiovascular system, immunological reactivity and improves overall body conditions.

SPA Center 4 Seasons in Bukovel Ski Resort, Ukraine

"4 seasons" SPA-center is a right place to retreat from all the daily worries. We offer unique relaxation, rehabilitation and figure correction programs for you to forget about stress and immerse yourself in a world of beauty and health.

"4 Seasons" SPA services and treatments list:

  • sauna complex: classic, Finish, Roman, hammam, hay sauna;
  • mud treatments and peeling;
  • massage treatments: recreational, relaxing, anti-cellulite, children’s;
  • therapeutic massages;
  • programs for pregnant (individual approach);
  • NEW – body peeling masks;
  • NEW – complex treatments (relaxing and therapeutic);
  • body-lifting (chocolate- and honey-based);
  • solarium;
  • phyto-bar

The location provides free treatments at "4 Seasons" SPA to all "Bukovel Hotel" and "Bukovel VIP Residence" hotels customers, for the entire duration of their stay, except departure days. Please have your magnetic room keys with you, in order to prove your entitlement to free services.

One hour (per customer, per day) of sauna treatments is included into accommodation price, which includes access to the entire complex (classic sauna, Finish and Roman saunas, hammam, hay sauna). We also provide free rent of towels, bath clothes and slippers. Extra services (massage, SPA-treatments, bar) – available at an additional fee, according to the provided current rates. Extra fees are charged and payed at the exit.

Please note that pre-ordering of our services is mandatory!

Spa Center OASIS in Bukovel Ski Resort, Ukraine

"Oasis" SPA-center is a perfect place to escape to, from all the daily worries. We offer unique relaxation, rehabilitation and figure correction programs for you to forget about stress and immerse yourself in a world of beauty and health.

"Oasis" SPA services and treatments list:

  • Turkish bath (hammam), featuring the latest SPA techniques from Turkey and Morocco;
  • Finnish sauna;
  • hydrated bath for two persons: aromatic, phyto-salt, anti-cellulite with mustard;
  • massages: curing, relaxing, anti-cellulite, children's programs available;
  • therapeutic massages;
  • programs for pregnant (individual selection);
  • anti-cellulite and rejuvenating programs;
  • peeling, wrapping and body peeling masks;
  • body lifting treatments with chocolate, honey and grapes extracts;
  • NEW - complex treatments (relaxing and therapeutic);
  • mud treatments;
  • cosmetic treatments: face and neck massage, facial masks and treatments;
  • manicure / pedicure;
  • hairdressing: haircuts (men, women, children), styling (brushing, ironing, flattening);
  • hair treatment services: therapeutic, for dyed and damaged hair;
  • solarium.


Restaurants and Cafes in Bukovel Ski Resort, Ukraine

ARKTUR recommends the following locations for dining :

  • "Zanzi-Bar" Bar and Grill
  • "Veranda" Lounge zone
  • "Filvarok" inn
  • "Bugi.L" Cafe
  • “Lucky Bull” restaurant
  • "Kaiser" restaurant
  • "Huntsman" restaurant
  • "Kozachok" restaurant
  • Restaurant "Kurin"
  • Panorama bars
  • Pizza "Felichita"
  • “Kuhel” pub
  • Cafe-Bistro "Arena"
  • "Kolyba"
  • “Knaipa” café
  • "Dumplings Here"
  • "ArtCoffe House" cafe
  • «CREPEdeCHINok» Restaurant
  • “Bulchenyokha” cafe
  • "GutsulLand" cafe

"Need for Speed" carting-center in Bukovel Ski Resort, Ukraine

The track itself is situated on the second floor of parking station #1. It’s a 500-meter loop with a 6-meter average width. Average lap passage time is 42 seconds. We offer ten 9-horse-power carts for rent, each one features an electronic timing system. Feel yourself like a Formula-1 pilot!

Ratrack tours

We are thrilled to invite you on night retrack tours of Bukovel slopes. Ratrack is a caterpillar-type snow-grooming vehicle used in ski trail maintenance. Learn how pistes are prepared for skiing and have a pleasant night ride!


Snowmobile rent in Bukovel Ski Resort, Ukraine

Take a romantic tour of the slopes and peaks of Carpathians. TC "Bukovel" offers snowmobiles of the following brands for rent: "Yamaha", "Bomdarbir", "Arktic Cat".

Modern snowmobiles are extremely easy to drive – all control features are on the handlebars. Acceleration button is under the right thumb, stop on release. The emergency brakes are on the left side of handlebar. Those who are unconfident with driving, will be accompanied by specially trained instructor.

Big-Airbag in Bukovel Ski Resort, Ukraine

Popular winterpark attraction «Big-Airbag» is now available in Ukraine. Created for all that adrenaline-thirsty people out there, it is also useful for those who want to improve themselves in acrobatics. Though now widely available, originally airbag was designed for athletes. With «Big-Airbag», feel yourself like a professional sportsman. It provides a lot of training options, you can also master complex tricks.

Not to mention airbag is completely safe and ameteur-friendly, so you can try it just for fun. Photo sessions are available on demand. Try this once and you will come for more!


Snowpark in Bukovel Ski Resort, Ukraine

A unique combination of bike and ski, designed for riding on all kinds of slopes, snowbike is ultimate snow gear. Compact design and low-weight allows transporting on all kinds of lifts.

The latest generation of snowbikes features:

  • Unparalleled safety. 4 footholds, cozy seat and suspension system ensure safe and comfortable riding;
  • Top speed on the slope. Though not considered a hardcore thing, snowbike riding can be fast and aggressive;
  • Simplicity. The learning method is based on human reflexes, that’s why progress is steady. Beginners need a 2-hour coaching session for confident riding;
  • Great recreation for all your family and friends. Hit the slopes together! The only limitations are weight (100kg for adults) and age (kids from 4 years old are allowed);

Snowmobile rent in Bukovel Ski Resort, Ukraine

Bombardier Outlander 800 ATV is available for rent in TC “Bukovel”. Get your burst of adrenaline and make your vacation more diverse with the unforgettable tour across the snow-covered woods.

Dogsled trips in Bukovel Ski Resort, Ukraine

TC “Bukovel” is the only one provider of dogsled trips in Ukraine.

Mush a team of our friendly huskies through beautiful forest trails! 2- and 5-kilomoter tours with a 2, 4, or 6-dog sled. Every trail has checkpoints so you wouldn’t face any issue with your direction. This service can be pre-ordered at the rent station near the loading zone of the lift #14.

Skating in Bukovel Ski Resort, Ukraine

The region’s best open-air rink is available for fans of good skating in TC “Bukovel”. Located nearby the “Lucky Bull” restaurant, it features perfect ice conditions and skate gear from the best manufacturers. Evening ice hockey matches for you either to watch or participate.

Snowtubing in Bukovel Ski Resort, Ukraine

All children and adults of all ages are welcome to enjoy the trilling snowtubing. You don't need any special practice for this.

Mogul Slope in Bukovel Ski Resort, Ukraine

Moguls are a series of bumps on a piste formed when skiers push snow into mounds as they do sharp turns. Once formed, a mogul tends to grow as skiers follow similar paths around it, further deepening the surrounding grooves.

Here at TC “Bukovel” moguls are constructed artificially on the ski trail 1А (top right part). There are several techniques for mogul skiing. The most effective, sightly, elegant and mostly used is World Cup technique - skiing along the decline line with amortization and straightening, mogul carving (edging) while keeping the upper body comparatively rigid.