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War in Ukraine

On 24th of February, the world for all Ukrainians changed forever when russian enemy cowardly attacked our peaceful country while everyone was fast asleep. For over 5 months already, russian troops plunder and destroy our houses, burn to ashes or steal our wonderful farmlands with grain and wheat, keep on murdering and torturing our women and children. For the last 5 months over 2000 deadly rockets were deliberately sent to Ukrainian cities destroying at least 1888 schools, over 400 hospitals and medical centers with about 800 000 Ukrainians losing their homes, that were smashed into ruins or burned by russian federation. Europe experienced the largest refugees’ crises since the WW2. Over 10 000 civilians, including children, are known to have been killed by constant russian shelling and bombing. And how many more are burried in mass graves near Kyiv, in Mariupol, South of Ukraine that we still do not know about? Thousand of people went missing, thousands were deported by force to the territory of russia . And this is all in the middle of Europe in the 21st century...

There are many wonderful Ukrainian cities and towns throughout Ukraine, like Mariupol, Mykolaev, Bucha, Irpen, Severodonetsk, Lysichansk, Kramatorks that are either totally or partially wiped out from the surface of the Earth. We decided to keep information and photo gallery of our beloved Ukrainian city of Mariupol as a reminder of its beauty before the russian assault; the city, that used to be home to one of our work colleagues, who managed to escape from the city with her family when we already lost all our hopes to hear from her.

However, these are also the times when Ukrainian nation came together acting as a single living being. We stand up for our country, for our families and friends, for freedom and future of Ukraine, for our language and culture, and we trust in our Ukraine’s Armed Forces that protect us every day and give us a chance and hope to keep on living.

ARKTUR Tour Operator and DMC, that keeps on operating in Ukraine regardless the war, together with ASLA Travel Group (the headquarters of our group of companies) keep on raising funds to help Ukrainian people in this time of sorrow and grief.

In case you are located in the UK and would like to donate, please visit the web site of our group of companies, ASLA Travel Group at that is actively raising funds to support Ukraine.