Yaremche, Carpathians


Yaremche, Carpathians, Ukraine

Taremche Overview

Yaremche is a Ukrainian city of regional significance in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. The center of tourism and recreation in the Carpathian region, a ski and low-mountain climatic resort. Located in the Prut Valley, it is securely surrounded by mountains and picturesque hills dotted with deciduous and coniferous trees. There are two versions of the origin of the city's name. Many associate it with the priest Yaremitsky from the village of Yamna, according to another version, the name comes from the Turkic, which is translated as ‘turn back’. Numerous sanatoriums, hotels and tourist centers are concentrated in Yaremche.

Climate in Yaremche

The unique geography, close proximity to the mountains and the location 585 m above sea level determine the unique climatic features of the city. Yaremche is influenced with several air currents at once. It is dominated by continental and sea air masses of temperate latitudes, but sometimes the Hutsul pearl can be covered with arctic air masses. This results in mild and very snowy winters, minimizing the likelihood of severe weather conditions. The climate in Yaremche itself can be described as very humid and mild with a lot of sunny days a year. Most of the rain falls in spring and summer.

Due to the fact that the city occupies the territory with the varied relief (river valleys, slopes, hollows), each of the sites has a unique local climate. In closed basins, one can observe such a phenomenon as temperature inversion. Heavy cold air masses are trapped here. It is noteworthy that the cool summer itself, with an elevation of every 100 m, comes 8-10 days later, and ends 4-6 days earlier. Snow cover on the tops of the mountains can remain until mid-June.

The warmest month in Yaremche is July, when the average temperature rises to +19 ... +20 ° C in the foothills and +8 ... +10 ° C in the highlands, the coldest month is January, when the thermometer drops to -4 ... 6 ° C and -8 ... -9 ° C accordingly.

Infrastructure and entertainment

Yaremche is the most famous mountain-climatic resort and center of green tourism in the Carpathian region. One of the few corners of Ukraine not affected by industry. You will not see big concerns or metallurgical enterprises here. A small town lost in a river valley among mineral springs and picturesque landscapes attracts tourists both in winter and summer. Right within the city you can admire the Divochi Slyozy (Maiden's Tears) and Probiy waterfalls, enjoy the singing of birds and taste organic products. There are sanatoriums in Yaremche for patients with tuberculosis and other lung diseases. This is an ideal place to recharge with natural energy and improve your health with the whole family, without leaving Ukraine. The generous Hutsul cuisine deserves special attention, which conceals the secrets and traditions of the foremothers of the Carpathian region. Everyone who once tasted a fragrant mushroom zupa (soup) made of Carpathian mushrooms, the original Hutsul borsch, bograch, hearty banush or potato pancakes deruny, will fall in love with the Carpathians forever.

Search for appetizing specialties throughout the most popular restaurants of the city:

  • The ‘Hutsulshchyna’ Restaurant (Ukrainian, Hutsul, European cuisine) – 2, I. Petrasha Str.;
  • The ‘Vedmezha Gora’ Kolyba (Ukrainian cuisine, Hutsul cuisine) 29 B, Hrushevsky Str.;
  • The ‘Na Penkakh’ Kolyba (Ukrainian, Hutsul cuisine) 345, Svobody Str;
  • The ‘Chervona Sadyba’ Cafe (Ukrainian, Hutsul cuisine) 6, Ivasyuka Str.;
  • The ‘Mangalica’ Restaurant (Ukrainian, Hutsul, Hungarian cuisine) 62, Petrash Str.

It is impossible to imagine Yaremche without its colorful souvenir markets. Here you can buy unique items of folk life. Ceramic dishes, jugs, Easter eggs, carpets, vyshyvanka (embroidered shirt), sculptures, beads and leather products, towels, paintings, etc. Local masters amaze with the variety of ideas and techniques for performing each of the works. Yaremche is also an active recreation center. Skiing, equestrian, mountain, hiking and cycling tourism, rafting are rapidly developing here, ATV tours, excursions in the Carpathians are organized.

Short historical outline of Yaremche

The first note of Yaremche dates back to 1787 in the ‘Chronology of the earliest mentions of cities and villages in the Galician Hutsulshchyna’. The rebel leader Oleksa Dovbush often visited the vicinity of modern Yaremche. The city has been known as a resort for over 130 years. Vacationers began to visit the villas of the local wealthy owners, among whom there was the Emperor of Austria-Hungary Karl Franz Joseph of Habsburg. The local lands attract not only with the healing air and unique cuisine of Galicia, but also with such sights:


Along with the Divochi Slyozy and the Probiy waterfalls, located right in Yaremche, you should definitely visit the Narinetsky, the Manyavsky, the Bagrovetsky, the Zhenetsky and the Trufanetsky, as well as the source of carbonic mineral waters the Burkut in the village of Kvasy. By the composition, they resemble Essentuki, Borjomi and Arzni.

The Skala-Slon (The Elephant Rock) along Pidskelnaya Street seems to support the western slope of one of the largest mountains in the Carpathians Makovitsa on the right bank of the Prut River. A natural phenomenon made of flysch rocks, the silhouette of which resembles an elephant from afar. It is notable that there are restaurants, cafes, hotels and rest houses near the attraction.


Monasteries and Churches

The inhabitants of the Carpathian region are especially religious. You can see by visiting local temples how much they honour spiritual shrines. Convent of the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy of St. Vincent, St. Andrew, the Monastery of Monks of the Studian Rite, as well as the Church of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, St. Peter and Paul, the Miracle of the Archangel Michael, the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos, St. John the Merciful with a bell tower and St. Prophet Elijah, the wooden churches of St. John the Merciful with a bell tower and Mikhailovskaya amaze with their unique architecture and specific interior decoration.

Yaremche canyon

The Yaremche canyon, which is almost 2 kilometers long, is especially popular among fans of extreme activities. The canyon originates near the Hutsulshchina tourist base and extends to the Probiy waterfall. Along with the stunning scenery around, this is an ideal kayaking destination with many rapids of varying difficulty, some of which are challenging even for professionals. On site you can rent all the necessary equipment and use services of instructors.

Dovbush rocks

Fanned by epic legends about the detachment of the Hutsul Robin Hood Oleksa Dovbush, the complex of rocks massifs is sometimes up to 80 m height. A magical tourist place near the village of Bubnishche is also very popular among climbers. There are many climbing routes of varying degrees of difficulty. The Dovbush Rocks are part of the Palyanitsky Regional Landscape Park and are a natural monument of national importance.

Dovbush's stone

Another unique creation of nature, known as the Dovbush’s Stone, is located in the Carpathian National Natural Park near the Yablunetsky Pass. Many legends are also associated with a huge stone block, majestically towering over the Prut River.

The Hutsulshchyna restaurant-museum

The Hutsulshchina restaurant-museum is a unique place to visit in terms of architecture. A striking example of the architecture of the Carpathian region is built of wood without a single nail and is decorated with filigree carvings on the outside. The interior is decorated with an authentic wood-burning stove tiled with antique tiles from Kosovo, as well as a unique wooden clock with mechanical figures.

Museum of Ethnography and Ecology of the Carpathian Region

The museum contains a large collection of historical and natural materials, ethnographic works of the Carpathian region. Unique exhibits illustrate the traditional life support systems of the Carpathian people of all eras in the natural and socio-cultural conditions of their residence.

Souvenir markets in Yaremche

Where but through souvenir markets you can learn the local culture! Yaremche is considered to be the center of Hutsul traditions and crafts, which means that you will never leave the city without traditional souvenirs of the original culture of the Carpathian region. The Hutsul market abounds not only with products of folk applied art, but also with the gifts of the local nature. Honey, mushrooms, herbs, nuts tempt with their aromas from everywhere. There are also catering facilities on the territory of the markets.

Markets addresses:

  • Souvenir market in Svobody Str., 278/1
  • Souvenir market in Petrasha Str., 2b


Farm in Yaremche

Representatives of the Carpathian fauna can be found in the aviary of the Carpathian National Park in Yaremche. Please note this is not a zoo at all, as roe deers, deers, wild boars, eagles and other animals walk here in their natural habitat within specially fenced spacious areas. Some of animals can be fed with their favorite treats.

Internet and Cell Connection

Some time ago, on the initiative of the city residents, mobile communications in Yaremche were disconnected, but since 2013, cellular communications in Yaremche have been provided again by the operators Kyivstar, Vodafone, Ukrtelecom, Beeline and Life. The most popular Internet providers are Netgroup LLC, Ukrtelecom PJSC, Intertelecom LLC.

Transport network:

The most convenient way to get to Yaremche is from Ivano-Frankivsk. The highway H09 Mukachevo – Ivano-Frankivsk – Lviv runs through the city. So the distance by road between Ivano-Frankivsk and Yaremche is 62 km. Trains arrive at the Yaremche railway station from Lviv, as well as suburban trains Ivano-Frankivsk – Vorokhta and Ivano-Frankivsk – Rakhiv. The distance by rail is 54 km.

Regular buses Kyiv – Yaremche, Ivano-Frankivsk – Yaremche, Lviv – Yaremche (-Rakhiv), Kharkiv – Yaremche, Ivano-Frankivsk - Yaremche (-Vorokhta, -Polyanitsa (Bukovel), -Yablunytsya, -Verkhovyna) arrive at the Yaremche bus station

If you choose to travel by car consider the GPS coordinates of the city:

  • Latitude: 55°74′27″ N
  • Longitude: 37°61′54″ E