Kurortne, Odesa region


Kurortne, Odesa region, Ukraine

Overview of Kurortne, Ukraine

The village of Kurortne is one of the sunniest seaside resorts on Odessa Black coast, located right on the shores of the Black Sea and Budak Estuary. The village of Kurortne is geographically connected to the nearby village of Primorskoye, in fact, representing a single settlement. The distance from Kurortne to the nearby cities is : Belgorod-Dnestrovsky - 50 km, Odessa - 80, Zatoka resort (one of the biggest resorts on Black Sea cost of Odessa region) - only 18 km (30 minutes drive). Due to its remoteness from Odessa, Kurortnoye offers a far more quiet and relaxing holiday than you would have in such larger and more popular resorts as Zatoka. The village itself is surrounded by clean, quiet beaches, that can seem to become more crowded only on weekends when people from Odessa and nearby towns come here in search of some portion of "sun - and - sea" cocktail . The resort has two main infrastructure hubs, where all the activity is concentrated : the Budakskaya spit itself, which offers direct access to the beach and the sea together with a fantastic sea view right from the hotel windows; and the center of the Kurortnoye village, located above the cliff, thus having a breathtaking view over the sea. In case you are staying in the center of the village, you will need to walk for some 5-10 minutes down the cliff to reach the sea shore.The village of Kurortnoye has an absolutely unique climate, fragrant air and medical mud. The spit with its sandy beaches, stretching towards Sergeevka and separating the estuary and the sea, sand dunes, calm sea, light sea breeze, clean air of Kurortne will enchant you forever.

Climate at Kurortne, Ukraine

The village of Kurortne is located in a moderate climate zone usually adopted by teritorries near seas and estuaryies. The great advantage of this region is the therapeutic mud of the Budak Estuary. July is the hottest month of the year in Kurortne. According to observations of the last decade, the warmest water in the sea near the sea shore was around 25.8 ° C. During the summer resort period, the sea water temperature in the resort area ranges from 21 ° C to 27.2 ° C, so this region is very comfortable for swimming. Swimming season in Kurortnoye lasts from June to September. The waters and mud of the Budak (Shabolatsky) Estuary attract tourists from all over Ukraine and neighboring countries to this region, not only in terms of descent conditions of stay, but also because of the medical mud treatement. The total area of ​​the Budak Estuary is 3200 hectares, its length is about 17 kilometers, and its width is about 1.5 kilometers. The Estuary is separated from the sea by a sand spit from 80 to 200 meters wide. Due to the fact that the average depth of the Estuary is from 1 to 2 meters, its waters quickly warm up, and the water temperature reaches 33 ° C. All these specific natural factors led to the formation of a unique mineralized water of the region and curative mud of Estuary. According to the researches, the mud of the Estuary has medical teatement qualities that have positive influence on blood circulation and metabolic processes, have an anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect, influence the rejuvenation and help to eliminate radionuclides from the body. The healing properties of the Estuary's mud were scientifically noted back in the late 19th century. As a result the first mud baths were built here back in 1895.

Black Sea and sandy beaches in Kurortne, Ukraine

Clean sea air, surrounded by coniferous and deciduous parks, an ideal sandy beach, a gentle coastline and an abundance of sunny days - all this contributes to a wonderful vacation. In addition, Kurortnoye is the best for children - there is a calm shallow sea with a gentle sea-bottom. The resort is located on a steep slope, after which there is a gentle sandy beach and a shallow warm sea. Hotels and boarding houses of Kurortnoye are located both in the village itself and on the shore, for example, such hotels as "Salut", "Salut 3". Kurornte is located away from large industrial zones, ports and big cities. If you walk two hundred meters along the coast, you will discover deserted sandy beaches under the cliff. Here you will be able to enjoy relaxing and quiet clean sea. There is a more crowded beach with lots of cafes and restaurants closer to the center of Kurortne, that may be more suitable for those who search for a more active vacation with many water activities, cafes and discos. Kurortne in Odessa region is famous for its peculiar microclimate, clean sea and air, Bessarabian wines and fruit.

Infrastructure and Entertainment in Kurortne, Ukraine

The recreation centers and boarding houses of Kurortny are located both on the spit, right on the seashore, and up the cliff, in the village itself. The main infrastructure of the resort with its shops, cafes, food and goods markets, is concentrated at the top of the cliff, in the center of the resort. There is a wide choice of accommodation options in Kurortne , ranging from budget class to luxury options. Hotels and recreation centers in Kurortne improve their services. Travellers can find both economy class hotels with a proximity to the sea as well as luxury locations, mainly inland, in the center of the resort.

How to get to Kurortne, Ukraine

You can get to Kurortne by car (from Odessa in less than 2 hours through Zatoka and Primorskoe) or by one of the daily regular buses that operate several times a day in season period on the route Odessa-Kurortne, Belgorod-Dnestrovsky - Kurortne and even Kyiv-Kurortne. Due to the territorial proximity of Odesa region to the border with Moldova, there is a regular and well established coach connection with many regions of Moldova, that send quite a few tourists to Kurornte every year..

  • Latitude: 45.938735
  • Longitude: 30.300035

Internet and mobile coverage in Kurortne, Ukraine

Kyivstar, Vodafone, Lifecell with 4G technology have a good coverage almost throughout the resort of Kurortne. The mobilie signal can be less stable if you stay on Budakskaya spit however you can always use Wi-Fi, availablity everywhere, to get online. Mobile communication services for Ukrainian cell operators can be paid through terminals in supermarkets and bank branches.