In Gribivka


Gribivka, Odesa region, Ukraine 

Overview of Gribivka, Ukraine 

If you choose a place for a relaxing holiday with inexpensive quality accommodation on the Black Sea coast, a sandy beach, a clean and warm sea, the Arktur company recommends you a young developing resort Gribovka, located just 18 kilometers from Ilyichevsk and 30 kilometers from Odessa. The resort has more than 50 recreation centers, including hotels. The village itself has a developed infrastructure: an amusement park, children's attractions, many bars, cafes and restaurants, including an Italian restaurant "De Mare La Salvatore" on the territory of the "Black Sea Golden Bugaz" hotel, computer clubs, excursion service points. Vacationers can enjoy a ride on boats and yachts, rent a jet ski, ride a banana boat, enjoy a hang-glider and parachute flight, rent a bicycle, and play billiards. Fishing takes a special place. Vacationers can rent a boat and fishing equipment. Most fish are caught in the Black Sea, Dniestovsky Estuary, Barabai River and Gribovsky Lake. Also, the highlight of the resort since the summer of 2011 has become the Summer Sound Griboffka festival, which is held on the largest beach of the resort (territory of 2 hectares), Europe, which, in turn, houses one of the largest bars in Europe, with a length of 125 meters.

Location of Gribivka, Ukraine

The nearest railway stopping point Puteyskaya of the Ovidiopolsky district of the Odessa railway is located 2 kilometers from Gribivka. You can get to the village of Gribivka using transport links included in the tour of the Arctur company "8 days Gribovka-rest on the Black Sea". If you prefer to travel by your own car, then you can get to Gribivka through Ilyichevsk, or, according to the signs along the highway, turn off the highway before entering the city and go in the direction of Zatoka. There is also a route from Karolino-Bugaz to Gribovka. You can get from Odessa to Gribovka by public transport, both by buses and minibuses. For example, in the summer, regular buses in the direction of "Gribovka" leave from the bus station near "Privoz" in Odessa.

Climate in Gribivka, Ukraine

The resort period in Gribivka lasts from late May to September inclusive. The climate is mild, temperate continental, the air is dry even in hot weather. The beach is wide, sandy, with a gentle slope to the sea, the water in the sea in summer fluctuates between 24-27 degrees Celsius. Along the beach there are many small hotels, resort cottage towns such as the hotel complex "Black Sea Golden Bugaz", and rest houses. Most of these accommodation facilities have their own beach, like the Black Sea Golden Bugaz hotel complex, or access to the sea. The sea is shallow and warm, therefore it is suitable for families with children. Since the coastline in this area is straight, not protected by bays, storms are not uncommon here. The water temperature near the coast after a storm can drop quite sharply.

Sea and Beach in Gribivka, Ukraine

The coastline in Gribivka is open and straight, without bays and capes, therefore, during and after storms, which are not uncommon here, the water near the coast can drop sharply even during the summer heat.

Gribovka is a very suitable place for families with children due to sandy gently sloping beaches, smooth bottom slope, no cliffs and sharp depressions. At a length of 10-18 meters from the coast, the roughness of the sea is not more than half a meter, so the water warms up well. The sand is fine, clean and often mechanically cleaned, so that this resort especially stands out among other resorts on the Black Sea coast.

The beach is 100 meters wide and the coastline is more than two kilometers long. One of the largest beaches is Europa beach, which covers an area of about 2 hectares.

All beaches in Gribivka are free and free for tourists. On the beach there is an opportunity to schedule beach equipment, including sun loungers and umbrellas. On the coast itself, there are a lot of boarding houses and hotel complexes.

Infrustructure in Gribivka, Ukraine

Gribivka is a fairly well-developed resort, which has more than 50 hotels, boarding houses and recreation centers of various levels of comfort. Most of the accommodations have their own beach or access to the beach, there are many places for catering, playgrounds, including those right on the beach. As in most Ukrainian resorts, accommodation in the private sector is very popular among visitors, which are several times cheaper than hotel accommodation, but are mostly located far from the sea.

Internet and Mobile coverage in Gribivka, Ukraine

Operators such as Kyivstar and Vodafone, Lifecell, which launched 4G, operate almost throughout the territory of Gribovka. Communication services can be paid through terminals in supermarkets and bank branches.