Berdyansk, Ukraine

Berdyansk short overview

Berdyansk is the administrative center of Berdyansk Raion (district) in Zaporizhia oblast (province), located at the mouth of the Berda River. This is where a small town on the shores of the Sea of Azov got its name from (from Nogai 'Byrd' meaning 'rich', 'given by God').

Climate in Berdyansk, Ukraine

Climate of Berdyansk comfortably located in the Northern Priazovye varies from temperate-continental to subtropical. Close proximity to the Sea of ​​Azov and the unique landscapes of the area creates favorable conditions for reaching a record-high number of sunny days annually in Ukraine (about 180) with warm dry air and the onset of mild snowless winters. The abundance of estuaries rich in healing mud also made the city a mud and climatic resort. The average temperature in August is +25.3 ° C, while in winter it does not fall below -2.2 ° C. South-eastern and eastern winds prevail. Berdyansk is covered by a zone with insufficient moisture, where the average annual rainfall equals to 470 mm. Ice cover throughout the coast appears in mid-January and disappears in early March. The Sea of ​​Azov is the shallowest sea in the world due to what the water here warms up quickly. Already in May temperature can reach +20 ° C, which allows to open beach season, which lasts until September. Maximum water temperature in summer is over 23 ° C.

Sea and beach in Berdyansk, Ukraine

The city is located in the Gulf of the Sea of ​​Azov, with Berdyansk Spit rushing directly into the sea for as much as 20 km, separating the Berdyansk and Belosarai bays. Such geography features a wide variety of options for beach holidays, from noisy well-serviced locations to remote and untouched by civilization places rich in picturesque landscapes of reserved areas. a great choice of facilities to fit every taste, budget and age, whether it is a family vacation with children, young people holidays or a trip for guests of the older generation. The city's central sandy beach is located in the city center in the sea bay. It is a busy area with cafes, street food and souvenirs next to the amusement park at the city promenade overlooking the port of Berdyansk. The beach features a shallow sea and a narrow coastline. Close location to the city and the narrow coastal zone concentrate a large number of vacationers here. A little further from the center there are ​​Liski and Slobodka beaches with private hotels and the most distant from the center is the beach in AKZ area​​. It is  the most convenient to get here by car, although the beaches themselves do not differ a lot from the neighbouring ones. Locals prefer to rest directly on Berdyanskaya Kosa (Spit). Here you will swim in the open sea, not in the bay and although all the beaches are free there is enough space for everyone. Moreover, along the spit the sea is deeper and much cleaner, which means you can enjoy a warm summer vacation to its fullest. The spit is roughly divided into Blizhnyaya (the near), Srednyaya (the middle) and Dalnyaya (the far). Blizhnyaya Kosa stretches from the traffic police post at the entrance and ends in the area of ​​Brigantine rest camp. This is the narrowest part of the spit with many beaches and parking lots. It is popular among guests arriving for sanatorium treatment. One of the most favoured by vacationers here is Solomennyy Beach (Straw Beach). The sandy bottom is suitable for rest with children, and the developed infrastructure allows to have a rest with high level of comfort. Rent of deck chairs, cafe, sports and children's playground, Wi-Fi, parking, water attractions, toilet are at your service. The area of ​​Srednyaya Kosa is considered to be the busiest and most popular among those preferring active recreation. There is a wide choice of hotels, boarding houses, guest houses, night clubs, there is also a market where you can buy everything you need, fruits and vegetables. Clean cozy free beaches are dotted with fine white sand, depending on weather conditions the shore may be covered with seashells. Perhaps the best conditions for those who strive for solitude and privacy, want to enjoy whisper of the sea and take pictures on a deserted coast background are created on the far spit (Dalnyaya Kosa). There are fewer and fewer buildings, shops, holidaymakers while the beaches are wide and smooth. If you walk along the surf, you can see the Lower Berdyansk Lighthouse, enjoy the dawn.

Infrastructure and Entertainment in Berdyansk, Ukraine

As a resort of national importance, Berdyansk has the most developed infrastructure. Commercial port, industry, hospitals, educational institutions, health and entertainment facilities, recreation centers, boarding houses, children's health camps, cafes, restaurants, pharmacies, banks (FUIB (The First Ukrinian International Bank), Privatbank, Oshchadbank), ATMs, supermarkets (ATB) , Silpo, Thrash). 

Among the popular places of public catering are:

  • The Sophia restaurant (Ukrainian and European cuisine) is located in Druzhby Narodiv/Makharadze str.;
  • The Tapas bar coffee corner cafe (Italian cuisine) 41, Gorkogo str.;
  • The Shmidt and Co. Cafe (Ukrainian, European, Japanese cuisine) 3, Morskaya str.;
  • The Panorama Pizza Cafe (Italian, Ukrainian cuisine) 43B, Gorkogo str.;
  • The Village Restaurant (European cuisine) 51/24, Teatralnaya str.;

Infrastructure and Entertainment in Berdyansk, Ukraine

Berdyansk is a small cozy town, with Zaporozhian Cossacks being once the first settlers. At the same time the history of the city is embodied in the works of sculptors. And these sights are definitely worth seeing. Monuments to the Steering bull, the Ship", the Children's bicycle, the Plumbing, Aibolit, The Truck, Ostap Bender and Shura Balaganov, the Wish Chair appear in the pictures of those who put away beach actvities for a while and went for city tour. In the evening the promenade lit by night lights of carousels and coastal cafes comes to life. Art connoisseurs will like the collection of works presented at the Berdyansk Art Museum named after I. Brodsky.

Aquapark 'Cape of Good Hope', Berdyansk

Arriving in Berdyansk, guests are provided with lots of opportunities to diversify their leisure, make it bright and remarkable. One of the options for a great fun is the 'Cape of Good Hope' Water Park.

Located right at the entrance to Berdyansk Spit, your eyes will be fixed on the colorful modern open air water park, the largest in Ukraine. There are more than 30 slides, swimming pools for children and adults with sun loungers and all the necessary infrastructure. All this involves you into the carefree atmosphere of the resort town immediately.

'Nemo' Dolphinarium, Berdyansk

The best dolphin show in Europe can be seen at the Nemo Dolphinarium, which is located next to the water park at the beginning of the spit. Entrance is free for children under 5 in case birth certificate is provided. Day and night show with lovely smart creatures dolphins Hugo, Junona, Krasavchick, Casio and seals Marusya and Ponchik. You may enjoy a dolphin therapy session, swim and take pictures at extra cost. Photos during the performance are free.

'Safari' Zoo in Berdyansk

The population of the zoo located in Zhemchuzhnaya Street, 5 counts over 80 species of animals from all over the world. Unique animals, many of which gained their conservation status, feature another reminder to adults and children of the importance of protecting the world around them. A splendid lesson of kindness and care for everyone who is concerned about future generations.

Mud treatment at the Berdyansk Medical SPA center 

The Berdyansk Clinical sanatorium (2,Tenisty Boulevard) offers centuries-old history certified mud therapy programs. The unique composition of Berdyansk mud ensures their high bactericidal and bacteriostagic properties. The effectiveness of metabolism regulation, treatment of cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, genitourinary system and even infertility has been proven scientifically and in practice.

Internet and mobile coverage in Berdyansk

Operators such as Kyivstar and Vodafone, Lifecell have launched 4G in almost the entire territory of Berdyansk and Berdyansk Spit. Communication services can be paid for via terminals in supermarkets and bank branches.

Transport connection in Berdyansk

You can get to Berdyansk from other cities by bus, train, car, as well as use the irregular private shuttles. You can get to the local bus station from such cities as Kyiv, Dnipro, Mariupol, Melitopol, Kharkiv, Poltava. Every summer additional commercial shuttles are added. You may also take a train from Kyiv, Kharkiv and Zaporozhye to Berdynska. It is easy to get by public transport to any part of the city from the railway the station. In the city itself the regular bus  communication with Berdyansk spit is developed. You may easily travel to Berdyansk by car  from Zaporozhye or Mariupol.

GPS of Berdyansk city center :

  • Latitude: 46°45′23.35″N (46.756487)
  • Longitude: 36°47′13.87″E (36.787186)