Palaces of Odessa - Palaces of Pototskiy, Tolstoy and Gagarin families

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Palace of Odesa - Palaces of Pototskiy, Tolstoy and Gagarin families

Palaces of Odesa. Tour Details.

During the excursion you will have the chance to wonder the Palaces of Tolstoy, Pototsky and Gagarin. During the excursion through the Tolstoy’s palace, where one of the most famous family of Odesa history used to live, you will visit the main White hall where the Tolstoys organized concerts with participation of well-known violinists, pianists, singers; see the most interesting exhibit – legendary grand piano of Franz List who had concerts in Odesa and left his grand piano in our city; hear the stories about the family members and their contribution on evolution of Odesa. In the house of the family Pototskiy today is located the Odesa Art Museum with a rich collection of painting ranging from medieval icons to the works of contemporary Odesa masters. The Gagarin’s house is also now is the state property and nowadays houses the Odesa State Literature Museum.

Palace of Tolstoy - Architecture Museum

It is established in 1875 - it was the first museum of its kind in the former Russian Empire. There are more than 160 000 exhibits. They are the basis of one of the largest collection of information sources about ancient history of Northern Black Sea region. The museum possesses rich collection of archaeological relics of primitive and classical culture, relics of ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Rome, besides there is a large and valuable collection of coins and medals. The best antique sculptures are exhibited in the vestibule of the building, specially built for the museum in 1883. The exhibits, represented in the first and second halls, belonged to the huge period: from the appearance of the first men to the second millennium B.C. The highlight is the Gold Room, which has jewelry & coins from early Black Sea civilizations, including the 1st Slavic coins of St. Volodymyr (10th century AD).

Palace of Pototskiy - Fine Arts Museum

Russian and Ukrainian art is well covered in the Art Museum that is located in one of the most beautiful Palaces of Odessa - Pototskih Palace. Its maze of over 15 rooms on 2 floors has treasures, which run from 15th century Russian icons, classical works onwards to the works by the contemporary Odesa artists, developing both the realistic and avant-garde trends. The exposition represents paintings by I. Aivazovasky, O. Sarasov, I. Kramskoi, I. Repin, M. Vrubel.

Palace of Gagarinn family - Literature Museum

The museum was set up in 1977 in the Palace of Counts Gagarins. The palace, built on the design of the architect L.Otton, in late 19-th, was later donated to the Odessa Literature and Theatrical Association. The collection of Museum amounts to 40,000 exhibits. It represents the works by Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Jewish, Bulgarian writers.

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